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Sello Calidad Turística

Trekking Ara o Te Moai

Approx. time: 6- 8 hours

Sello Calidad Turística

Minimun: 2 persons

We begin the walk at Ahu Hanga Tetenga, an ancient route used to transport the megalithic statues (moai). During the tour we can observe some moai falled along the way. We’ll talk about how they were transported and have a chance to appreciate very closely the material with which they were sculpted (Toa Volcánica).
We ended our tour at Rano Raraku volcano. Here were carved 95% of the all moai. We can enter into the crater, explore it and enjoy the panoramic view offered by its lagoon.

Once we finish the walk, in the same place there is a picnic area to lunch and take a rest.

We continue our hike to visit Ahu Tongariki, the only ceremonial platform with fifteen standing statues throughout the whole island, the largest of all restored in 1993.

We keep on towards to the sector of Papa Vaka visiting an area with ancient petroglyphs. Then we began a trek to the Perouse Bay, current fisherman cove.

We´ll cover a not very well known area watching destroyed ancestral villages, the largest moai transported far away from the moai quarry, Rano Raraku volcano and one of the stones with greater amount of magnetite known as the navel of the world or Te Pito Kura.

We head to Ovahe beach, one of the few beaches in the island with reddish sand. Our tour finish at Anakena beach visiting ahu Nau Nau and ahu Ature Huke.

Back to Hanga Roa by car.

General conditions

  • Values are in Regular Service with English/Spanish speaking guide.
  • No meals or drinks included.
  • Trekking subject to confirmation according to weather conditions or Conaf’s authorizations.
  • It is important to note that if problems outside the company, treks cannot be done, it could be replaced by regular excursions that we could arrange for that day.

Sello Calidad Turística