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Rapa Nui from the sea

Approx. time: 3 hours

Sello Calidad Turística


Initiations or “baptisms” are the most exciting way to meet the submarine world for the first time.

Beginners are assisted by instructors and do not need any previous diving experience. It begins with a lecture lasting about 25 minutes in which the beginner will learn how the underwater equipment works, how to communicate, how to move, how to decompress the ears, how to clear water from the mask and all she/he needs to enjoy his experience underwater, respecting all safety measures.

An instructor will be assigned to each student. He will stay with the beginner during the whole tour, handling buoyancy, orientation, depth and travel time, depending on the student’s skills and respecting all PADI safety requirements. According to these, the maximum depth allowed for beginners is 12 meters (39 ft).

Going in the water depends on the location elected: in the Hanga Roa Bay, where Mike Rapu Diving Center is located, the divers go by boat, no further than three minutes from the Diving Center. In Anakena Beach, the divers go in from a dock and in Ovahe Beach, directly from the beach.

The guides will choose the spot depending on weather conditions and the characteristics of the diving group. The dives last about 30 minutes and are performed at the Coral reef level, where marine life is found. The students will be able to interact safely with the marine environment.

For an additional cost, There is an underwater photography service to register the student’s experience recorded in a CD with about 18 digital photos.

Due safety requirements, the student must be in good health condition. Therefore, before beginning the course the student will sign a disclosure and declaration of understanding that explains general standards of recreational diving procedures. This includes a medical and health questionnaire.

Some causes that will not allow the diving are: cold or allergies that obstruct the nose or the ear, pregnancy, asthma, record of fainting, etc.


The Refresh is diving knowledge reviews required for licensed divers that haven’t dived in the last year or longer. It is essential to keep the safety of the group and is supervised by a certified Dive Master or Instructor who will be particularly attentive to diver skills on a constant reviewing in and out of the water.

These immersions take place in simpler, not deep, dive spots, in order to determine if the diver is able to perform consecutive or more difficult dives.

Boat trip + snorkeling

To watch the landscape, geography and volcanoes of Rapa Nui from the sea is one of the unmissable activities offered by the island. The best way to do it is by taking a boat tour in Hanga Roa Bay. The boats available are wood or fiberglass made and can carry up to 10 passengers.

The tour includes the Mataveri caves, the cliffs of Rano Kao to reach the Motu: small islands where a vast number of birds nest.

Next to Motu Nui, where the waves are weak, snorkeling is possible wearing only a short wetsuit, fins and a mask to watch the beautiful underwater cliffs sector in one of the clearest water in the world. In good days, visibility underwater reaches 60 meters. An unforgettable experience!


Hundreds of divers arrive every year to Rapa Nui from around the world looking for one of the clearest waters on the planet. Here, the visibility reaches 60 meters (196 ft) and the temperature fluctuates between 18° (64°F) and 26° (79°F), allowing to see the beautiful countless caves, cliffs, and arches, a consequence of the turbulent volcanic origin of the island.

Most fish are endemic, brightly colored, living in large variety of corals.

One of the biggest attractions of the underwater life of Rapa Nui are sea turtles, often found in Hanga Roa Bay, next to the diving center and swimming or sleeping in different dive spots of the island.

Depending on the diver’s skills, different places can be visited, with low and high difficulty, ranging from 12 (39 ft) to 80 mts (262 ft).

There are cliffs, islets, coral pyramids or even an underwater moai (human giant statue) in front of Hanga Roa Bay. It is also possible to night, deep or exploration dives.

Rent a kayak + snorkeling

In the Hanga Roa Cove, where the Mike Rapu Diving Center is located, are different attractions for the whole family.

You can surf on waves for beginners or advanced surfers, or rent a single or double seat kayak.

Turtles and fish swim at low depth. Snorkeling is the easiest and most exciting way to swim with them.

Kayak Guide Sello Calidad Turística