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Sello Calidad Turística

Hinariru Route

Approx. time: 3-4 hours

Sello Calidad Turística

Minimum: 2 persons

Departing straight from Hanga Roa town we’ll carry on to the southwest coast of Rapa Nui to visit Akahanga ahu, burial place of King Hotu Matua; Ahu Tongariki, with its fifteen restored moai and finally quarry of Rano Raraku, where most of the moai in Rapa Nui were carved.

General conditions

  • Values are in regular service with English/Spanish speaking guide.
  • No meals or drinks included.
  • Trekking subject to confirmation according to weather conditions or Conaf’s authorizations.
  • It is important to note that if problems outside the company, treks cannot be done, it could be replaced by regular excursions that we could arrange for that day.

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Sello Calidad Turística