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Sello Calidad Turística

Traditional Dinner & Show

Sello Calidad Turística

Our ethnic and cultural activities are fundamental to show the idiosyncrasies of Rapa Nui; a complement and add value to the experience of knowing the riches of our land.

Through an interactive program, we explain (in English and Spanish) the meaning of the various cultural and gastronomic traditions that we relive on an ancestral tour of three hours.

Music, dance, stories, legends, typical cuisine (Umu Pae or ceremonial curanto) and a cast of local artists recreate the atmosphere of the “Tupuna” or mythical ancestors of the Moai time.

To participate in this program is important to book early because the Umu Pae is difficult to manufacture and it´s cooked under a slow process: it takes more than six hours in its second stage of development. This is not a modern conventional food, its preparation is based on natural resources as bamboo, volcanic stones, banana leaves, wood, fire, earth and water.

The program is organized in three stages:

  • Reception with live music inviting to participate in art of “Takona”, local custom of painting faces in a old-fashioned style. A snack or fruit juice, followed by an explanatory talk of Umu Pae tradition.
  • Dinner buffet at Te Ra’ai Restaurant Lounge.
  • Interactive artistic and cultural introducing by the local dance group Haha Varua.

Once all participants arrived, we began the opening ceremony of the Umu Pae. There will be reviews and explanations for those attending both Spanish and English. You are given a basic lesson of the island dances with monitors our local dance group.

Then the audience is invited to move to our outbuildings of Te Ra’ai Restaurant to enjoy the buffet.

Umu Pae Dinner

The buffet dinner is offered to all participants in our lounge Te Ra’ai, based on the elements of traditional Umu Pae or curanto.

This food begins to be developed early in the day, with products as chicken, pork ribs, sausages and fish, along with seasonal vegetables such as yams or sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, taro and. potatoes. All these are cooked underground to the heat of volcanic stones for a period of approximately two hours.

Our side diches are rice, salads, sauces, bread and, of course, all these delicacies are accompanied by red wine white wine, fruit juices, mineral water and dessert.

Greetings and small presents are given to those who are on honeymoon, birthday and wedding anniversary.

Interactive art show

After dinner, guest are invited to come to the meeting room, kicking off our interactive cultural and artistic presentation. Following a rough order of history, a sample will, through the most important facts of the local history.

Topics such as “Hoko”, “Moai” and “Tangata Manu”, along with other facts and historical characters, are brought out as part of the life and memories of the Rapa Nui people over time.

Te Ra’ai is presented on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
(Includes everything detailed + transfers in / out)

Sello Calidad Turística