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Sello Calidad Turística

PADI Courses

Sello Calidad Turística

Mike Rapu Diving Center teaches multi-level PADI courses throughout the year. PADI certification in each course allows the student to dive worldwide.

Open Water Diver (OWD)

This course teaches step by step the basics of SCUBA diving, obtaining general knowledge and skills through seven open water dives and five knowledge developing lessons.

Requirements: fifteen years old and compatible health with the activity.

Advanced Open Water Diver

Five different dives let the student try some of the most rewarding and useful underwater specialty activities, such as deep diving, digital underwater photography, wreck diving, underwater navigation and much more.

Requirements: PADI OWD license (or equivalent certification from another underwater activities organization) and be 15 years old (12 for Junior Advanced Open Water Diver).

Rescue Diver

“Challenging” and “rewarding” is the best description of this course. Knowledge and experience in diving are expanded. Rescue Divers learn to look beyond themselves and consider the safety and wellbeing of other divers. The training will prepare divers to avoid and prevent problems and, if necessary, solve them.

The course covers:

  • Self Rescue and diving stress
  • Emergency response and equipment
  • Response to a diver in panic
  • Breath protocols for underwater rescue
  • Egress (exits)
  • Dive accident scenarios

Dive Master

Working closely with a PADI Instructor, in this program dive knowledge and skills are sharpened up to the professional level.

Requirements: PADI Advanced Open Water Diver and PADI Rescue Diver (or other acceptable equivalent certification from another underwater activities organization), 18 years and 60 logged dives.

Sello Calidad Turística